TODT: Further changes are expected in terms of CALENDAR 2021

Author of the article: , published on December 22, 2020.

Planned 23 dirk Formula 1 for the season 2021, will be given the world situation with coronavirus difficult to implement than actually planned. V Asia they are already fighting with the third wave Covida-19, c USA the condition remains tense and limits in Australia are closed to all aliens without permission.

V Great Britain, where it is based seven Formula 1 teams, p a new virus mutation, which is supposed to be significantly more contagious than the current version, takes care of percussion and stricter rules movements. A normal racing day in which celebrities Formula 1 performing in front of full stands, in view of recent events hard to imagine. And most organizers can fees, which they pay to run the races, can only be refunded through tickets sold. This year’s season was an exception, as are most European organizers waive the payment of fees. Overseas racing however, they are only possible if the full fee has been paid, which most organizers cannot afford without spectators.

Jean Todt, President of the FIA, is convinced that, given the current situation with the coronavirus, the planned calendar for the 2021 season will certainly undergo certain changes.

Thus at that time it is still written in the stars, which of planned 23 races will also be derived. He doesn't know that either Ross Brawn, sports boss Formula 1, who recently clarified: "We know that in 2021, we will not simply return to normalcy as if we had switched a switch. The virus will continue to accompany us and we must remain very careful as a result.“Also Jean Todt, President FIA, does not believe in a normal year. On FIA gala event explained: “2020 was a great season in which we experienced a lot of creativity. Who would have believed a year ago that we would have three races in Italy and several races on the same tracks."

French continues: “We tried to keep the number of Covid-19 cases in motorsport low. But unfortunately it's not over yet, ”Todt warned. “There are still closures and the pandemic is far from over. We are making progress and waiting for vaccines, but I think we will soon realize the potential for adjustments to the 2021 season calendar. I do not think that at least half of the year will take place under normal circumstances,”So the president FIA.         

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