The tire changes will be small

Author of the article: , published on May 17, 2013.

During the Formula One season, major changes are simply not allowed to happen, so the FIA ​​has informed Italian tire fitter Pirelli that they are not allowed to make major changes. Of course, the Italians can justify major tire changes with too much wear on the rear tires, but just to reduce the number of stops the FIA ​​will not allow the changes.

An unofficial source from the FIA ​​says that the International Automobile Federation should not even allow the transition to the older type of tires from the 2012 season. Technical Regulations, Article 12. 6. 3 states: "The specification of tires must be approved by the FIA ​​no later than last season by September XNUMX and may not be changed in the following season without the consent of all teams."

Of course, there is also a clause that tires can be changed if they are technically unsuitable. Of course, it is unlikely that this group would include tires that are "too" worn. An unnamed source says the FIA ​​and Pirelli are in intensive talks as they want to improve the situation, but within the rules. However, for once, it is not clear that Pirelli will make some changes to the tires, how big and how much, and when they will be visible, is not clear for once.

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