Tina Maze will be behind the wheel of the race car

Author of the article: , published April 1, 2013

Our ski champion Tina Maze will give life to her love of speed even during the summer, as she will be behind the wheel of a racing buggy with the help of the Austrian Red Bull. Črnjanka intends to take part in all five parallel relicross races this year, and will drive a brutal 320 buggy with a 2,2-liter turbo engine that develops around 320 horsepower.

The purchase of the buggy, which is said to be worth around 15.000 euros, was partly financed out of his own pocket, and part of the money was contributed by sponsors, most notably the main sponsor, Austrian energy drink manufacturer Red Bull, who also suggested a relic cross. "Speed ​​has made me happy since I was a child," said Maze. “I’ve had it in my blood ever since I know for myself, and racing is my silent passion, and after a sultry winter season, I decided to give it a try behind the wheel of a race car as well. I have ridden a similar buggy in Logatec, at the Blagomix racetrack, some time ago, and I plan to do some more training with it in the coming weeks, ”said Tina enthusiastically.

Tina's ski coach, Andrea Massi, is a little less enthusiastic about racing, but he advised his protégé not to take part due to the high risk of injuries. “Tina is stubborn and it’s hard to convince her of the opposite of something she decided on. Racing is physically demanding, so it will be a good workout before next winter season, but injuries are an integral part of this sport, which worries me a bit. But if Tina enjoys it, I fully support her, as she will be able to relax, which is very important for motivation before the new ski season, ”commented Massi on Tina's decision.

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