This year's second consecutive double victory for OPV Šport

Author of the article: , published on June 9, 2016.

After a double victory at the Fuchs Rally Velenje, when the crews Martin Mlinar - Miran Mlinar and Rok Turk - Martina Lazar won in Division 1 and Division 2, the crews of OPV Šport achieved the same excellent achievement last weekend at the 6th Vipava Valley Rally. In addition to winning in their division, Rok and Martina also ranked high in the overall rally standings, finishing on the podium and taking home the trophy for 3rd place.

The slippery asphalt surface, especially in the famous Žablje, provided the racers with demanding conditions, and the Saturday afternoon downpour additionally enriched everything. But the fans, who in large numbers accompanied the return of the rally to Ajdovščina, were able to more than enjoy the racing performances, and at the same time provide a fantastic atmosphere in the service zone as well as in the speed trials and ceremonial start and finish.

Jure Jereb and Jani Drnovšček started the rally on Friday's round super special with too few laps, which was definitely not in the plan. This meant a big time increase right from the start, but on Saturday they advanced from 26th place in Division 1 to a good pace with a good rhythm. Simon Mlinar, who was the fastest among drivers under 12, also showed fast driving. together with co-driver Rok Nartnik, they finished in 21th place in Division 1 of the Vipava Valley rally.

The national championship will continue with the Železniki rally on the first weekend in July.

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