Ezpeleta: There will be no Asian races without spectators

Author of the article: , published on May 19, 2020.

Carmelo Ezpeleta said in a recent interview that races in Asia will only take place this year if spectators are allowed to be present as well. Most of the races are expected to take place in Europe this year in front of empty stands. However, as is already known, some racetracks can also host two races, on two consecutive weekends. Races in other parts of the world are not excluded, of course, if conditions allow.

However, for financial reasons, some Asian trials, such as Thailand, Japan and Malaysia, are only expected to take place if the situation also allows for the authenticity of spectators on the racetracks.

“We are currently in the first scenario regarding the race calendar. I think we could start the season in mid-July in Europe, in Spain. We are just waiting for the final confirmation from the authorities there, ”Ezpeleta told Fox Sports Asia.

“We aim to be able to run somewhere between 12-13 races in Europe between July and the beginning of November. If races are possible in Asia and America, we will hold them between November and mid-December. The decision on whether we will be able to perform outside Europe could be known in early September. Races in Europe will be possible without spectators, which is much more difficult to do in Asia due to all the additional costs. So we will only go to Asia if the races are possible in the presence of spectators. We stay in touch with all the race organizers there. ”

The racing weekend in Thailand was attended by a total of 226 visitors last year, the most of any race. Tickets sold, fan articles, food and drink are the main source of revenue for the racetrack during the race weekend. The main cost for Dorna when leaving for Asia is the cost associated with transporting the team equipment. Ezpeleta added that the planned races will be held by mid-December at the latest.

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