The rift between Marquez and Rossi long before Sepang 2015

Author of the article: , published on February 23, 2023.

In his new documentary, Marc Marquez Marc Márquez: All In revealed that he took revenge on Valentino Rossi in the final race of the 2015 season in Valencia, and according to the Spaniard, the dispute between the hot-blooded men began long before the race for the Malaysian GP.

Rossi accused Marquez of conspiring against him with Jorge Lorenzo in 2015, and the dispute came to a head at the Malaysian Grand Prix in Sepang, where the Italian pushed the Honda rider off the track, where the latter fell, and Rossi was fined three penalties by the stewards points. The then Yamaha racer accused the eight-time world champion of meddling in the fight for the title at the Australian Grand Prix, and in Malaysia, according to him, he outpaced him perfectly and thus helped Lorenzo.

Rossi started the final race of the season in Valencia from last place, with three penalty points at Sepang, along with a penalty for obstructing Lorenzo in qualifying at San Marino, giving him four penalty points, followed by an automatic start from last place in the next race.

Although the nine-time world champion managed to get to fourth place in Valencia, he ran into Dani Pedrosa and Marquez, whom he again accused after the race of helping Lorenzo, whom he did not want to overtake and who, with the victory, also officially won the title of world champion with five points ahead of Rossi.

Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez caught up with leader Jorge Lorenzo in Valencia, and Marquez has now revealed why he didn't try to overtake the Yamaha rider.

Marquez admitted in a recently released documentary that he might have taken a risk and tried to overtake the leader Lorenzo, but he still wanted revenge on the Italian. "I could have taken a risk by overtaking in the last corner," admitted the Spaniard. "But (Rossi) did all this to me, just because I overtook him, and now I would help him win the championship? No. I didn't have that desire because of everything he cooked up. Because of everything I've been through these two weeks. I don't wish that on anyone, let alone someone at the age of 22.”

Rossi was extremely popular in his prime, which, according to Marquez, gave him a strong influence in the media as well. "You should know that Valentino has a lot of influence in the media and can turn people against you. But if someone is so disrespectful to me, I have the courage and character to take revenge on them.”

In the documentary, we can also see more from the background of Rossi's infamous "kick" in Malaysia, where Rossi sarcastically congratulates Marquez after the race, and Marquez praises "nice kick". "Some say I leaned on his bike," says Marquez, "saying, he didn't kick you, he just moved his leg outwards. But any way you turn it, he pushed me to the edge of the track. He didn't leave me any space and when he looked at me he stretched out his leg. In this case, the race director also made a mistake, because if it had not been Valentino Rossi, but any other racer, he would have been immediately punished by disqualification from the race."

Marquez has now revealed that the dispute with Rossi did not start in Australia, but the year before, after the 2014 Misano GP, in Rossi's hometown of Tavulla, where Marquez and a group of other racers raced on his ranch.

"We were there for a day, competing to see who could set a new record for his track," Marquez said of the tense race where, according to one of the racers present, he and Rossi were ready to die in pursuit of the best time. , and the Italian was further angered by Marquez because he brought mechanics from Repsol Honda with him to help him set up the motorcycle. "Something has changed since then. Relations have cooled, I don't know why. Maybe it bothered him that I beat his record. Rumor has it that this is one of the reasons," added the Spaniard.

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Borut Logar
1 year ago

Yes, in 2015, he and Lorenc stole the title

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Spanish snowflake

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Karma is chasing you.

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Marquez loader

Darka Secularka
1 year ago

When you have the media and a large fan base, you quickly lose touch with reality. Ever since MotoGP has existed, the Spanish and the Italians have not been able to watch

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For every ass, a thumb grows...

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That's why karma works

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It will be VR's fault that MM will never be 9x King...