The Williams team will shine this year

Author of the article: , published March 5, 2014.

Jenson Button is not entirely sure about the balance of power between the teams after this winter, but the Briton estimates that the Mercedes and Williams teams will be at the very top this year.

Felipe Massa set the best time of the last day of testing in Bahrain with Williams' car this year, and Lewis Hamilton was a little behind him with Mercedes. “This year’s winter has been tough for some in terms of miles driven,” Button said. “But the two teams that worked strong and constant are Mercedes and Williams. It’s not good to be behind certain teams, but I’m happy to see that the Frank Williams team has a competitive race car for now. I think these two teams are at the top right now.

Button explained that McLarn could not test the improvements of the car. “We had some problems, so despite the improved works installed, we only failed to test them, so we don't know how good we are. Williams and Mercedes have been strong in terms of winter testing, but the question is whether such a relationship will show up in Melbourne, which is quite different from Bahrain. ”

The Briton does not even doubt the speed of the Red Bull RB10 car, but he said that the Austrians will have a hard time driving the entire length of the race after Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo suffered a lot of damage to the car during testing. "They will be very good in the qualifiers, but the question is if they will be able to reach the finish line," said McLaren. “It is difficult for any team to reach the goal of the race, especially at the beginning of the season. However, if you manage to finish the race, the chances for points are very good, ”claims Button, who added that the Marussia and Caterham teams could win the first points in Formula One in this way. “Smaller teams have the best chance of scoring points in such cases. The start of the season will be tough, the reliability of the car is crucial, but reliability will not be enough to win. You also need a competitive race car and a team that knows what it takes to win, ”Button concluded.

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