Vettel: Ferrari in Bahrain will not fail again

Author of the article: , published March 26, 2019.

Sebastian Vettel is confident that the Ferrari team in Bahrain will show their true strength after their form did not impress in the first race of this year’s Formula 1 season in Australia. The Ferrari was valid after winter testing for the main favorite before the first race, but in Melbourne, the red racers drove to the finish line far behind the Mercedes racers, in fourth and fifth place.

It's in Albert Park celebrated by Valtteri Bottas, the day before, his teammate Lewis Hamilton won the sixth consecutive best starting position. Vettel, who celebrated the victory in Australia last year, could only watch the fight for victory from afar this time, and he does not expect any major problems before the race in Bahrain. “I think we have all the tools and the necessary ingredients,” he said. “We have a good race car. Overall, we weren’t competitive enough in Australia, but we’ll be back. Last year, we ended winter testing with problems with a race car that didn’t behave the way we wanted. This year, the opposite is true, as the car behaved as we expected and the feeling in it was good.

We came to Australia last year with a poorly balanced race car as we had to hide the problems. We had a bad rear end of the car, so we felt we had to set it up so that it was pretty understeer and the feeling was bad. We did well in Australia last year and the pace was good even though we were lagging behind in qualifying. We were lucky in the race, but by Bahrain we had then eliminated all the problems from the tests, so we were able to gain a lot of speed. This year's problems are not related to last year's. All the data and all the numbers show that the car is as it should be, but clearly we are missing something. I am sure we will discover something, because we know that the car is better than it was in Melbourne, not only in the race, but in the whole racing weekend, ”added the German.

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