The ten most read in the past year

Author of the article: , published January 3, 2014.

Now that we have entered the new year and are starting a new season, it is the right time to reveal the ten most read news of our portal in the past year.

1. Saturday's training was marked by a serious accident by Zorman

The training before the race in Ilirska Bistrica was won by the Czech Miloš Beneš with Osella FA30, but the events were overshadowed by a serious accident of Slavko Zorman, in which he injured his spine.

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2. Tragedy on GHD Verzegnis

At the end of a mountain speed race in Verzegnis, Italy, an unusual and tragic accident occurred in which Hanspeter Laber lost his life.

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3. Time attack # 5: lights ON!

Smooth asphalt, lighted track, the smell of burnt tires. The popular Time attack, for a change, took place in the evening with international participation.

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4. Shuster angered the racers again

The director of the AŠ2005 association, Dagmar Šuster, angered the Slovenian racers by not issuing a permit to participate in the Croatian exhibition rally Santa Domenica.

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5. VIDEO: Serious accident of Slavko Zorman at GHD Ilirska Bistrica

Slavko Zorman's accident in Ilirska Bistrica was also captured by a camera

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6. Logar: What will be the epilogue of the stupid move

Erik Logar announced an unwelcome event at the Idrija Rally, where a civilian vehicle drove onto the track during the speed test.

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7. Did AŠ2005 benefit from the racers' money?

Once again, the focus is on the AŠ2005 association. This time we published an open letter from Primož Lemež in which he revealed how much money the association received and how much of it it should have, but did not, intended for racers, the construction of a new racetrack and the like.

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8. Sprint rally Nova Gorica this year with an even stronger team

The short-format rally, which is becoming increasingly popular in Slovenia, had its second performance on the Banjša plateau.

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9. Photo snapshots from GHD Lučine

Some beautiful pictures from the mountain speed race in Lučine.

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10. Start of the Time Attack season

In Krško, the Time Attacks season started with the so-called Time attack Shakedown, or testing before the official start of the 4th season.

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