Shuster angered the racers again

Author of the article: , published on October 25, 2013.


The Aš2005 motorsport association once again angered Slovenian racers, their co-drivers and many rally fans. The apple of controversy is the performance at the Santa Domenica Rally, for which the director of the association Dagmar Šuster did not issue a license to the racers.

“The rally is not entered in the FIa Calendar or v The HAKS National Calendar, in addition, unlicensed drivers are allowed to take part in the rally. This is contrary to the regulations of the FIA, AŠ2005 and other regulations in the Republic of Slovenia, ”reads the notice to the racers, which is published on the official website of the AŠ2005.

Enraged racers have already called for disobedience. “To all AS2005 licensees! Now let's get together, let's go to Santa without permits and we will watch the DP for another year in a rally with about 15 cars, which will not happen, ”one of them wrote on his Facebook profile.

But Šuster told the potential violators in the notice: "Any possible performance without consent will be sanctioned."

We can only guess what the possible punishment would be for performing without permission. Sanctions in such a case are decided by a disciplinary commission, which can even impose a long-term ban on violators.

At the same time, questions arise as to whether our racers dare to stand together and resist the association, which according to many is supposed to do more harm to Slovenian motorsport than good, and whether in such a case AŠ2005 dares to sanction 20-30 crews and risk a truncated state championship next season.

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