Salome's accident was caused by a bump in the asphalt

Author of the article: , published on June 7, 2016.

The SAG team, for which Luis Salom, who died on Friday, raced, explained the cause of the fatal fall in the twelfth turn after analyzing the telemetry of the Spanish motorcycle.

Luis was supposed to make a minor mistake in the tenth turn, which caused him to come to the eleventh turn at a speed of 6km / h lower than in the previous laps. To get to the twelfth turn at optimum speed, he braked much later. In doing so, however, he had the misfortune of driving over a bump in the asphalt on the brakes before the twelfth turn at a higher speed than in the previous laps, where he was still braking. This overloaded the front tire and caused a slip, and consequently a fall, which, however, had tragic consequences.


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