The race in Jeddah will, Domenicali will ban interviews from racers after the meeting

Author of the article: , published March 26, 2022.

Formula One chief man Stefano Domenicali has confirmed that the racing weekend will continue smoothly, despite a rocket attack on Aramco's oil plants.

However, the racers were supposed to have a slightly different view of the situation at the meeting, which lasted four hours. According to the Finnish newspaper Iltalethi, Domenicali therefore personally banned interviews with racers.

An Italian stepped in front of the press, emphasizing that the racing paddock is safe.

"Safety comes first. We have received assurances from local authorities that the racing facility is safe. We trust them, so the racing weekend will go according to plan. ”

Many journalists, meanwhile, have already begun to point out that the decision to continue racing is more linked to the large financial contributions that Formula 1 receives for the race in Saudi Arabia. Leading men thus do not want to lose a significant income and are therefore willing to ignore many things.

“The autocratic countries of Formula 1 are hinting at millions to try to improve their image through sport. Saudi Arabia is expected to deduct as much as $ 900 million for the ten-year contract. Formula 1 is extremely important for them ", wrote the German Sport1.

Ralf Schumacher, who was present at the racetrack this weekend, is expected to leave the scene in the meantime.

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