The resident was flooded, finishing in 84th place

Author of the article: , published January 6, 2014.

On the 724-kilometer stage with a 359-kilometer speed test, the competitors drove into the dunes for the first time and climbed to a height of 2.000 meters above sea level. After driving across the river it is Resident shut down the engine, causing him to lose more than an hour on the speed test. Sunderland finished with Honda at the top; favorite Coma and Despres only in ninth and tenth place.

The second stage of the Dakar Rally in 2014 was 85 kilometers shorter than the opening one, but it served as an even longer speed test. It contained almost all possible forms of terrain: from technically very demanding to fast sections, on an approximately 50-kilometer-long section, motorcyclists rode on dunes, while a seasoned Slovenian representative will remember today's stage after crossing the water. Hip then turned off his engine and a longer service intervention followed: “I smashed the engine twice as the water through the air filter got right to the inside of the cylinder. But just as I am angry on the one hand, I am pleased on the other hand that I have managed to remedy the problem and bring it to the goal at a very good pace. I believe that with this, the dark side of this year's Dakar is behind me, " is an optimistic Stanovnik, who today accumulated an hour and forty-five minutes behind the leader and finished in 84th place among 124 motorcyclists.

After consultation and review with the mechanic, they will now decide whether to replace the unit overnight before tomorrow’s marathon stage without mechanical assistance. The following days heralds an interesting fight at the top of the motorcycle class. According to him, the Austrian KTM has not only great racers and motorcycles in its pocket, but also interesting, probably winning tactics.

The fastest motorcyclist on the second stage is again from the camp of the HRC team (Honda): Sam Sunderland drove the 359-kilometer special in 3,42: 10, followed by Chaleco Lopez (KTM) and yesterday's winner Joan Barreda Bort (Honda). The favorites with the most Dakar wins so far, Marc Coma (3) and Cyril Despres (5), finished barely in ninth and tenth place with more than eight minutes behind Sunderland. Another Slovenian motorcyclist, Simon Marčič, finished in 68th place today.

After two stages, Barreda leads, followed by Lopez, Sunderland, Duclos and Coma. Tomorrow’s stage between San Rafael and San Juan is 665 kilometers long and includes a 373-kilometer speed test.



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