Pole is a bit puffy for Webbra

Author of the article: , published on October 12, 2013.


Although Mark Webber won his first best starting position this year, it doesn't have much weight for him, as the big favorite for pole position, Webbrom teammate Sebastian Vettel, ran into problems with KERS. Vettel showed form before the final part of the qualifiers, which hinted at another walk to the best starting point for tomorrow’s race, but problems with the KERS system recurred on his race car, making Webber’s job easier.

“My circles weren’t bad,” the Australian explained. “You always want to drive even faster and better, but overall they were good. Still, this pole was a bit puffy, as Sebastian otherwise drove a phenomenal lap.

However, I am happy to start the race in first place, as opportunities must be seized whenever they arise, ”he added.

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