Pirelli: The tires were turned upside down again

Author of the article: , published July 3, 2013.

After the race in Silverstone, where several riders had their rear left tires exploded, Formula One tiremaker Pirelli conducted an investigation in which they found that the explosions would not have occurred if the rear tire teams had installed them as intended.

As previously reported, some teams have already installed the tires incorrectly during winter testing. Pirelli, however, wrote in a press release: "These tires have an asymmetrical structure, which means that they have a certain direction of rotation."

They added that incorrect tire use was a major factor, but the explosions were further compounded by low tire pressures, extreme rear wheel tilts, and sharp curbs. At the German GP, ​​Pirelli will offer teams new tires that the teams have already tested, but these will still have an asymmetrical structure, ie a certain direction of rotation, so the FIA ​​will ban the installation of tires in the opposite direction of rotation. From the race in Hungary, however, tires with a symmetrical structure will be in use, so the direction of rotation will not play a role.

Testing of young racers, and two additional three-day tests will allow Pirelli to solve problems before the Hungarian Grand Prix.


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