Will Hamilton have to replace the engine?

Author of the article: , published March 25, 2014.

Lewis Hamilton hopes there won’t be a need to replace the engine in his race car in Malaysia. The Briton had to drive into a garage in Australia after only three laps due to engine problems. “I spoke to my engineers, who are still figuring out exactly what happened, even though we already know roughly that something went wrong with the wiring on the engine, just after I drove to the starting line,” he explained. “There was nothing we could do to avoid it. Luckily, we stopped the race car in time, even though I didn’t want to. It was still working, only it wasn't very fast anymore. I hope and think that the engine will still be able to be used. ”

Racers can use five engines for the entire season this year, losing ten starting places in the next race for each additional change.

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