Gajser took her away only with bruises

Author of the article: , published September 11, 2017.

Tim Gajser was unlucky with falls and injuries this year, which also led to his elimination from the fight for this year's world title, and he also ended the penultimate race of the season in the Netherlands with a fall. In the first run, at an otherwise low speed of around 50km / h, he fell over the handlebars, and then a motorcycle weighing about a hundred kilograms fell on him. He then missed the second run due to pain and shortness of breath, but fortunately the first medical examinations did not show any serious injuries.

The team drove in third place, but then made a mistake and fell, after an examination and consultation with a Honda doctor, they decided together not to take part in the second race. “It’s a really bad day behind us,” Gajser said. “The weekend started well, but then everything went wrong. I drove a good time in the warm-ups after the start of the first race and I drove really well. Then I made a mistake and the motorcycle fell on me. I was examined by a team doctor, and then we decided it was better if I didn’t compete in the second race. This is just a reflection of the course of the entire season this year. I'm really disappointed I couldn't race, but that's how it goes. ”

Tim's father Bogomir confided to the Slovenian media that the shields had done their job in the fall, and that the shield for the back had even burst. Our champion has already returned to Slovenia, where he will undergo an even more detailed medical examination, with which they want to confirm that this time, too, there may not have been a hidden fracture, as after the fall in Latvia.

Photos: Honda

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