The future of Grosjean is not in question - Haas 

Author of the article: , published on May 23, 2018.

Team leader Haas Gunther Steiner said Romain Grosjean's future in the team is not in jeopardy, despite accidents in the last two races. The French racer first crashed into a wall during a safety car at a race in Azerbaijan and then caused an accident in Spain as well. Due to the last accident, he will start the race in Monaco from three places lower than the one he won in the qualifications.
Steiner said there was no talk of his future on the team because of this.
"It simply came to our notice then. When someone has two bad races there is no need to start speculating about anything right away. All we have to do is help Romain get to the level of racing he is capable of. We all know that he is a very capable racer. ”
“I’m not a person who would push everyone as soon as they get a little out of shape. That is not fair. Of course, he knows much better than us what he should not do anymore and how he has to do certain things to repeat the events of previous races. Can similar things happen again? Yes, I can, because the next race is in Monaco. ”

Steiner said he was trying to persuade Grosjean to stay positive.
“I went to the match race in Spain to talk to him because I know what it’s like when something like this happens to you. We’ve all had some bad moments before and you know what it’s like back then. I told him to forget this as soon as possible, to know what he has to do and to focus on the next race, and to stay positive. ”
Punishment was, in his view, inevitable and he said the FIA ​​must remain constant in penalties.
“Of course, it is difficult to make that decision, but what has been done cannot be corrected. Romain did nothing intentionally, he did not deliberately run into anyone. I just hope that the FIA ​​will be fair to everyone in its decisions, so when someone else does something, they have to get the same punishment. ”

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