The first race of the circuit speed championship is over

Author of the article: , published on May 5, 2013.


This weekend, April 26-28, 2013, the Slovenian National Circuit Speed ​​Championship and the LEMA GP Cup started at the popular Slovakiaring racetrack. For the first time, our national championship was held the same weekend together with the World Touring Car Championship - WTCC, for which we should also praise the umbrella association AŠ 2005 and Drago Božič.

Most of the fights were, of course, in the LEMA GP Cup, where youngsters and newcomers surprisingly reigned supreme. Already in Saturday's race, Metod Počkaj took the first place, moving from a more powerful Volkswagen Beetle to a small, but agile and interesting fiat grande punto car. He was accompanied on the podium by Andro Pertot and Klemen Popit.

In the second, Sunday, race, third-placed Popit cashed in on a well-started path and won over Trček and Lodi. Klemen has already proved himself in the winter tests organized by the umbrella association.


Slovakiaring, 1st race:
1. Wait method
2. Andro Pertot
3. Klemen Popit
4. Matthias Lodi
5. Andrei Makarovich
6. Tomaz Trcek
7. Aleš Bužga
8. David Schuster

Slovakiaring, 2st race:
1. Klemen Popit
2. Tomaz Trcek
3. Matthias Lodi
4. Andro Pertot
5. Andrei Makarovich
6. Wait method
7. Aleš Bužga
8. David Schuster


The first three in scoring KHD DP SLO and LEMA GP:
1. POPIT Klemen LEMA Racing
2. PERTOT Andro LEMA Racing
3. TRČEK Tomaž Autosport Jazon
Among the stronger racers, the first race was reigned by Zoran Poglajen with a completely new cup Renault Clio RS, which is also being prepared by the LEMA team. He sovereignly won the race, despite the fact that times can still improve until the August race at Slovakiaring again. Poglajen was left without points in the second race, as he was facing problems on the clutch, so Maj Virant won the race with an older Renault Clio cup. Željko Čumurdžić also did well with Lema's third cup clio.

The next race of the season will take place between 11 and 12 May at the Austrian Red Bull Ring. Part of the LEMA team will be in Imola for the first Eurocup Clio race with Croatian drivers Ivan Pulič and Niko Belohradski.


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