The fate of Pirelli and Mercedes will be known by tomorrow

Author of the article: , published on June 20, 2013.


The International Automobile Federation (FIA) will announce the verdict in the "testgate" affair by Friday. Today, all three parties (Mercedes, Pirelli and the FIA) presented their views, and the court will now consider the facts and announce the verdict by tomorrow.

The hearing began with FIA spokesman Mark Howard, who said the FIA ​​had not approved three test days. Mercedes responded with its position that they do not feel guilty and that they should not be punished, as the test was prepared and led by Pirelli, referring to the phrase "undertaken by". also “done” in Article 22 of the Sports Rules. The Srebrnih Puščic team argued that if their interpretation of the rules was incorrect, the court should also penalize the Ferrari team, which conducted a similar test with a two-year-old car, which according to Mercedes could be considered a "modern" car. .

Pirelli's representative was the last. A representative of the Italian rubber manufacturer, Dominique Dumas, asked why the FIA ​​brought him to court, when he cannot impose any penalties on him, as he does not have a license with the International Automobile Federation.

The exact time of the publication of the court's decision is unknown.

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