At the end of the holidays for Klavdija, Miran is also returning

Author of the article: , published on August 20, 2013.

After a two-month racing break, the smell of petrol and the sounds of racing cars are returning. Summer and heat are slowly coming to an end, and the second half of the racing season is approaching. This continues at the end of the month in Italy, more precisely in the vicinity of Cividal.

In addition to the Slovenian national championship, the rally will also count for the entire Italian championship and other cup and other championships. The race will start on Friday with three different speed trials. HP Subit (14,08km) and Erbezzo (7,48km) will drive twice each. The day will end with a night of HP on the streets of Udine, which is sure to attract many spectacle-loving spectators. On Saturday, the HP Masarolis (14,96km) and Trivio (20,76km) will be repeated three times. The race will thus have a total of 449,96km of which 151,88km HP.

Our Klavdija Senica will also take part in the rally, and after the accident in Austria, the co-driver's seat will again be occupied by Miran Šmid. Together, they will continue the rest of the season. Klavdija is currently in 3rd place in the ranking of the national championship in Division I. The championship will be very tense until the end. Currently, the second-ranked Twilight and the sixth-ranked Fire are separated by only 21 points.

Klavdija will enter the second part of the season full of optimism: “We have 4 races ahead of us until the end of the season. Of these, three are considered national championships, and we also intend to take the Nova Gorica invitation rally. The races will follow very quickly, so there will be no room for error. Everything is still possible in scoring, although the leading Velkavrh already has a nice advantage. The races that follow suit me, which I proved last year. I will do my best, above all I would like to enjoy the ride, and I will also impress the spectators with my performances. ”


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