The crews of the Opv Šport team deservedly celebrated at the rally in Železniki

Author of the article: , published July 6, 2015.

The Opv Šport team deservedly looked forward to the excellent results of their crew members at the finish line at the 2nd rally in Železniki last weekend.

They achieved quite a few excellent results, which the crew members honestly won in nine speed trials in a total length of 95 km. They achieved the following results:

Martin Mlinar and Miran Mlinar won in Division 1.

Rok Turk and Blanka Kacin finished 2st in Division 1 and finished 2nd in the overall rally standings.

Jure Jereb and Jani Drnovšček reached 1th place in Division 5.

In the Yugo Cup, Simon Mlinar and Rok Nartnik took 2nd place. Simon also won 2nd place among drivers under 21 years of age.

Co-drivers Martina Lazar and Barbara Tolar also successfully arrived at the finish line. Martina finished 2nd in Division 3 and Barbara 4th in the Yugo Cup.

The Opv Šport team is very pleased with the outcome of the rally and is looking forward to all the excellent results.

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