Amazing! The Red Bull boss had to go before the commissioners!

Author of the article: , published on November 21, 2021.

Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner had to report to the race management office, where he was defending himself for an alleged violation of Formula 1 sports rules.

The race in Qatar was strongly marked by the decisions of the commissioners, who had to first decide on their move in Brazil when they did not study the incident between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappn. This was followed by a discussion of Mercedes ’rear wing, and after qualifying they had to consider disregarding the yellow flags of Valtteri Bottas and Verstappn. The latter were punished with the loss of starting places and although the race passed without incident and we somehow managed to avoid protests over the wings of Mercedes and Red Bull, this time the head of the Red Bull team, Christian Horner, had to be questioned. or did ”something that caused“ moral damage ”to the FIA ​​Automobile Federation, according to an official FIA document.

Horner and team adviser Helmut Marko is said to have criticized the FIA ​​before the race for awarding a penalty loss of five starting places to Max Verstapn, who is guilty of disregarding the yellow flags in yesterday's qualifiers. Horner said before the race: “I think the referee hung a yellow flag on his fist without the FIA ​​ordering him to do so. The referees need to be in control as it is a severe blow to us in this championship. We start the race on the track, where it is difficult to overtake, seventh, which is a severe punishment. ”

He later added that “adult men should make adult decisions” and added that the race director should be the one in charge of what is happening on the track. "At the end of the day, he decides, otherwise the judge can hang a yellow flag on his own."

Helmut Marko was even more direct: “It's stupid. The FIA ​​is clearly unable to organize a trial system and is hiding their incompetence behind the racer’s shoulders. Unbelievable. ”

Unlike the other matters the commissioners were dealing with this weekend, Horner was dealt with fairly quickly. The head of the Austrian team took her away this time only with a warning.

Photo: HB Press