The Slovenian team cut the top of the Eurocup Clio Cup

Author of the article: , published on November 3, 2013.

Nobody in the Slovenian LEMA team imagined such an outcome of the season. In the last race of the hard and long Eurocup Clio season at the Spanish Motorland Aragon, Ivan Pulić celebrated a well-deserved victory.
Encouraging results of free practice showed that the team has the necessary speed for a top result this weekend. Croatian driver Ivan Pulič took fourth place, while Czech driver Tomas Pekar, who also competes for the LEMA team at the end of the season, took 13th place in the competition of twenty-four drivers who reached the final event. During the season, 35 competitors competed in each race at the same time! The leader of the team, Mirko Marinšek, was restrained before the races and hoped that the drivers would not do anything stupid on the track.

In qualifying, both drivers kept pace and improved their times. Pulić reached 4th place, while Pekar 11th for Saturday's race. Both drivers also finished the latter in good places, Pulić 4th, while Pekar 13th. For the second - Sunday - race, they won 3rd place for Pulić and 10th place for Pekar. Marinšek stated: “Ivan has a good position. If all goes well, if everything coincides, then we can hope for a good result. ”

Then came Sunday. The tension in the team escalated. A lot of time and money was invested to make the LEMA team break through until the end of the Eurocup Clio Cup season. Renault's European Cup Championship with brand new Renault Clio Cup cars is one of the highest levels of racing in Europe with such cars. Winning a race like this can be comparable to winning a European football league!

Ivan started the race from the 3rd starting point. He broke through to the first place and kept it with extremely fast times. He left nothing to chance, he controlled the course of the race, as Sebastian Vettel himself does in F1. Tomas Pekar finished the race in 13th place. Marinšek stated: “These are real races! This is what all Slovenes should see, what it means to race on a big stage in the company of the biggest and best teams in Europe. We did it. Now let's move on. I can't wait for next season. ”

The LEMA team proves that it is possible to race at the highest level in Slovenia!


(Source: LEMA)

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