Teams want permanent numbers for racers

Author of the article: , published on November 28, 2013.

At the next meeting of the strategic team of Formula One, they will probably discuss that the racers will no longer have numbers according to the achievement of the teams from the previous year, but will race under the same racing number again throughout their racing career. The race number should also be written in the super license, and the number itself could be assigned to the racers, or you could choose it yourself.

At the previous meeting, team bosses (Christian Horner, Ross Brawn, Martin Whitmarsh, Stegfano Domenicali, Claire Williams and Eric Boullier) agreed that a permanent number would be a good choice for Formula One. The next meeting is expected to follow on December XNUMX, and the adoption of the said draft rule is expected, which would also be written in the FIA ​​agreement by Charlie Whiting. Of course, this is followed by a fax vote.

It is worth mentioning that the permanent number of the racer would also be good for advertising or promotion. Initially, there was talk of larger numbers on the race cars and the names next to it, but in the opinion of many, this would "obscure" or turn the eyes away from the sponsors.

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