Suzuki is 30 horsepower stronger this year

Author of the article: , published March 6, 2022.

Jack Miller wondering how it will be on the first MotoGP races season 2022 proved Suzuki, which according to Australians estimates this year with a new powertrain gained 30 horsepower.

Suzuki has been behind rivals in the past seasons as usual lagged behind at braking speed, but alex rins is on Friday’s free practice in Qatar on measuring top speed reached 355.2 km / h, when accelerating on the start-finish plane, he was faster in a direct duel with Ducati racers, which shows that Suzuki is writing a different story this year. "I'm interested in how the new Suzuki motorcycle will perform in the race," said the factory racer Ducati, Miller.

Jack Miller estimates that this year’s Suzuki powertrain has gained around 30 horsepower.

“They seem to have gained in power, in my opinion around 30 horsepower, as (Joana) Mira overtook two Ducats before the finish line last year. On Friday, however, I saw Rins overtake (Fabia) Di Giannantonia before the first corner, which means they have a more powerful engine this year. Suzuki has usually been good with tires and it will be interesting to see what happens if 30 horsepower more is transferred to the track via tires. ”

Miller says more power means that, too higher fuel consumption. "The engine can't be more powerful without consuming more fuel, so this side will be interesting, too."

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