Sutil to the defense to the commissioners

Author of the article: , published March 16, 2013.


Adrian Sutil had to report to the commissioners after the third free practice. Before the last training session, Charlie Whiting issued a notice to the teams that the race management could not disable the DRS's moving rear wing on racing cars due to technical problems, as is the practice when it comes to yellow flags or rain, as we have already said. reported.

Sometime in the middle of the free practice, it started to rain in Melbourne, and the race management informed the teams and the racers that the use of DRS was not allowed. But because they could not disable the use of the wing due to technical problems, it was up to the racers not to use the system at the time.

Sutil activated his wings in the last minutes of training, so he deserved a conversation with the commissioners. In the end, they did not decide on a penalty, as the Force Indie team did not receive a message about the DRS ban because they ran out of electricity at that moment.

The fact that the FIA ​​cannot disable the use of a movable rear wing opens up wide possibilities for Commissioners to have plenty of work tomorrow to monitor and possibly punish violators.

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