Probation for criticism on twitter

Author of the article: , published April 23, 2014

Three-time Indianapolis 500-mile race winner Helio Castroneves has been given a suspended sentence that will last until the end of June. The penalty hit him because criticism of his championship and certain decisions appeared on his twitter profile.

After the race in Long Beach, a record appeared on Helio's profile that was highly critical of the commissioners who did not award the fines, as well as the security guards along the track who hung green flags soon after the race car accidents.

Castroneves deleted the post shortly afterwards and explained that it was only by mistake that his sister Kati posted it.

“I apologize for the previous post, which was humiliating to the Indycar series. I just didn’t write you, nor do I agree with her. The post on my profile was accidentally written by my sister Kati, who used my account without my knowledge and permission, expressing her thoughts, ”Helio explained, adding,“ Once again, I apologize to the Commissioners, who were completely correct. ”

Kati also later explained that she wanted to publish the record on her account, but it still didn’t work out. The leading men of the IndyCar series accused Castroneves of violating the rules governing the behavior of racers on social media and sentenced him to a suspended sentence.

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