Summary of the 2021 season: Lecuona is mostly on the ground, with Marquez at the top

Author of the article: , published on November 28, 2021.

This year's MotoGP class season also officially ended last week with post-season testing. Fabio Quartararo won his first world title, Jorge Martin became the rookie of the year. Iker Lecuona finished at the top of a very special category.  

The Spaniard ended his last season with the highest total number of falls. Marc Marquez finished just behind him. He missed four trials in the season, which means that in terms of the average number of falls on a racing weekend, he overtook his compatriot.

According to official data, the Tech 3 racer recorded 26 falls in eighteen races this year. So an average of 1,4 drops per racing weekend. Marquez, on the other hand, missed four trials this year due to injury. In total, he recorded 22 falls on the fourteenth weekend in which he performed. So an average of 1,6 per weekend.

A high number of falls (more than last season) was also recorded by teammate Espargaro and younger brother Alex. The former fell twenty times this year, and ten times last year when he was still playing for KTM. Alex, on the other hand, recorded five more falls this season (19 and 14 last year).

Johann Zarco, one of those with the most falls in past seasons, has reduced that number this year (from 17 to 10) on his way to his best overall standings this year.

Of the racers who competed in all eighteen trials, the best from last season were the least on the ground - Fabio Quartararo and Fracesco Bagnaia, who fell seven times.

In the Moto 2 class, Aron Canet (21) finished most on the ground, and Kaito Toba (19) in the weakest class.