Stroll: I want to take the team to the best

Author of the article: , published January 4, 2019.

Racing Point owner Lawrence Stroll wants his team to become one of the best in the Formula 1 caravan in the future.

The Canadian billionaire, who bought the team last season, now wants to focus his funds on making the team play an important role in the fight for the top places in the next period. In doing so, it pays particular attention to the 2021 season, when a number of changes to the rules are expected, which could make the path to this goal somewhat easier.

“In the short term, we want to stay where we are. The medium-term goal is to fight for third place, and in the long run, we want to become one of the best teams in the caravan by changing the rules. ”

Stroll was criticized for losing his place in the team to his son Esteban Ocon when he saved the team from bankruptcy. As he pointed out at first, he did not even plan to ever buy a team in Formula 1, but things have changed when looking at the bigger picture.

"At first I saw it as a business opportunity, but after spending some time talking to leading men, realizing their vision for the 2021 season, which also includes budget constraints, and better revenue for smaller teams, I started thinking seriously about buying."

“I think that’s the direction this sport has to go. As we can see in other sports, the value of teams has been growing lately, and I think that will be the case in Formula 1 as well. ”

His son Lance and experienced Sergio Perez will compete for the team. Team leader Otmar Szafnauer and technical director Andrew Green will continue to play important roles.

“The team has an excellent leader and an exceptional technical team, so they only need to be supported. Secondly, it is necessary to ensure financial stability. "


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