STEINER on MAZEPIN's rude actions yesterday in F2: There is quite a bit of work ahead of us

Author of the article: , published on December 6, 2020.

"I don't know if Mazepin received the sentence, but it was definitely too much,”Is after yesterday’s race Formula 2 said Daniel Ricciardo, who was stabbed mainly by the last rounds as they were too wild in his opinion. “The line has changed too often.”And he was in the center Nikita mazepin, the team's new racer Haas.

Rus is after yesterday’s main race Formula 2 received what two 5 second mark penaltiesbecause, according to the Commissioners, he was defending himself illegally. He repeatedly pushed his opponents almost to the wall in front of the pits, and in the last lap he is Felipe Drughovich ped the fourth turn even crashed into a styrofoam billboard.
Nikita Mazepin would have been too hot in yesterday's Formula 2 race and endangered his competitors wherever possible, which resulted in him being penalized and thus losing the podium.

"This happens if the brain fails,He says with a slight smile Gunther Steiner, team boss Haas, when he was addressed to a savage Russian, with whom much work awaited him. “A simple answer would be: 'No, I haven't seen a Formula 2 race,'”He says South Tyrolwho admits that this would be a lie.

Addressed to actions of his future protégé, he added: “He received a sentence. This is part of the learning process and we certainly have quite a bit of work ahead of us.”He must learn from this and see that such mistakes are made Formulas 1 they do not repeat, he further emphasizes Steiner, who nevertheless expressed understanding.

Even past Mick Schumacher, a future teammate at Haas in Formula 1, Mazepin got away with all his might and risk of eliminating the German from the fight for the title.

"He fought very hard and did his best. Things like that just happen then.“For the team boss Haas what mattered most was that it was mazepin has now collected enough points for a super license, although he is aware that it could have ended differently yesterday. Because in the case accidents, I wouldn’t finish the race and that would be the case with super license very tricky.     

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