STEFANO DOMENICALI about VETTL: It was awful for him

Author of the article: , published on December 26, 2020.

It is already before the start of this season Mattia binotto, team boss Ferrari, a German racer Sebastian Vettl announced the news that his contracts would not be renewed after the end of this year.

Four-time world champion after that he found a new employer Aston Martin (current Racing Point team), but s Ferrari experienced a very difficult year, finishing the season in thirteenth place among racers. That he had Nemec in the 2020 season problems, for Stefano Domenicali given the early announcement of separation from Vettl, it came as no great surprise. In a conversation with the newspaper Journal of Sport Chase Carey’s successor said: “It is quite obvious that Vettel had a difficult year. We have to imagine that as a four-time world champion, you find out before the start of the season that you will not be racing for the team next year. That's awful. And then you're excluded from car development all year long," so 55 years oldnor Italian.

New Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali understands how awful Sebastian Vettel felt this season, when he was put in front of the door before it started and excluded from further development of the car. The Italian also warns that if Ferrari does not become competitive, it could also lose its jewel, the young Charles Leclerc, who could lose self-confidence and motivation.

Sundays, who led the team from Maranella between the years 2008 in April 2014, however, pointed out another problem that cannot be ignored. Ferrari he must now recover as soon as possible from this drop in form if they do not want to lose their new star in the team Charles Leclerc. "If he gets a competitive race car in the short term, then Ferrari doesn’t need to be afraid of anything, then they won’t lose it. However, if the car gets bad again, this could lead to problems.“Young Monachan could, according to the new boss Formula 1 lost confidence and his momentum.    

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