The resident brought to Bolivia in 42nd place

Author of the article: , published January 12, 2014.

Due to unfavorable weather conditions, the speed test was shortened, which led motorcyclists to a large salt lake in Bolivia. Stanovnik finished the first part of the second marathon stage in 42nd place. He ranks 29th in the overall standings. Barredi's stage victory; followed by Coma, Despres and Pedrero Garcia.

After a rainy day of rest in Salta, Argentina, on Sunday, January 12, motorcyclists parted ways with racers in cars and trucks. On the 782-kilometer route to Bolivia, the organizer shortened the speed test, which was hampered by rain, low temperatures and the low presence of oxygen due to high altitude, due to low clouds, which prevented the helicopters from taking off. The Slovenian representative, 49-year-old Miran Stanovnik, did not like this stage too much: “I don't like such stages too much. We raced on the slopes of the mountains, on slippery macadam and on dry riverbeds, sometimes flooded with mud. That's why I drove at a medium pace, not too fast and not too slow. ”Today, the Bolivian president will also receive motorcyclists who will spend the night in the barracks. “This is a really big event for Bolivia. They really took good care of us: we all got backpacks with clothes and slippers, so now we’re all dressed the same, ”he commented on an overnight stay in Uyuni near the world’s largest dry salt lake.

Joan Barreda Bort (Honda) brought the fastest from Argentina to Bolivia ahead of Marco Como (KTM) and Cyril Despre with a Yamaha. In the overall standings, he remains in the lead with Coma with a 38-minute lead over Barredo Bort and an hour and sixteen minutes ahead of third-placed Jordi Viladoms.

Finally, there is information on resignations in the motorcycling class: according to the information available on the website, a total of 89 resigned, of which the most, as many as 30, resigned on the fifth stage.

Tomorrow, the 692-kilometer route to Calama in Chile is scheduled, where motorcyclists and racers on sports ATVs will rejoin motorists and receive the highly anticipated technical support of their teams.

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