Saturday's training was marked by a serious accident by Zorman

Author of the article: , published on August 31, 2013.


Both trainings before tomorrow's race in Ilirska Bistrica were won by the Czech Miloš Beneš with Osella FA30. His best time of day was 2: 08.75, which he scored in the second practice. He was closest to compatriot Otakar Kramsky in Reynard, who was a little less than a second slower.

Patrik Zajelšnik was the fastest among Slovenian formulas with Norma, beating Marjan Smrdelj in Lola by almost two seconds. Zajelšnik was sixth fastest in the last training session, while Marjan was one place worse.

In the national championship, Rado Raspet and Mitsubishi Lancer and Milan Bubnič reigned at the top of the time series, achieving the same time as Raspet with Lancia, namely 2: 29.50. The third fastest was Aleš Prek.

Today was most marked by the severe accident of Slavko Zorman. Slavko, who won the title of national champion in the PRK last weekend, lost the back of his Clio Williams in a bend and then crashed his bike into the curb. It then bounced to the other side of the road into the curb, after which the car spun violently several times and overturned. Unofficially, we were able to find out that Zorman injured his spine in the accident, but doctors say he will fully recover.

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