Slovenians, however, again this year at Santa Domenico?

Author of the article: , published on October 25, 2013.


As we reported, the appearance of Slovenian crews at the Santa Domenica rally in Croatia became a bit complicated, as the AŠ2005 association did not allow them to participate. Moreover, the director of the association, Dagmar Šuster, threatened potential participants with a Slovenian license with sanctions.

But after talking to better informed sources, we managed to find out that the situation is the same as last year, as AŠ2005 is not allowed to compete according to the rules, in short because the event is not on the FIA ​​race calendar or the Croatian HAKS national calendar.

Last year, however, our racers were able to take part in the rally, after the organizers made sure that the Santa Domenica rally was included in the HAKS race calendar.

According to our data, talks are already underway between AŠ2005, HAKS and Slovenian clubs looking for a similar solution.

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