Škoda Fabia Pickup concept

Author of the article: , published on May 1, 2015.

Every year, GTI enthusiasts flock to Lake Worthersee, where they exchange ideas, opinions, speculate about remakes and everything that goes with it. In recent years, they have been joined by owners of other Volkswagen, Škoda, Audi and Seat, which is why the GTI assembly has been recognized by car manufacturers as a good opportunity to promote their products. Fans of their products are now rewarded every year with a concept model, and this year Škoda has prepared a concept Fabio pickup for the choir.

It’s called the FUNstar, and it goes a 5-door model converted into a sort of sports van. The credit for the design is owned by 23 trainees at Škoda.

You’ll be able to watch FUNstar in two weeks, between May 13 and 16, when the 34th GTI meeting will take place.

Škoda's pickup concept is based on 18-inch Gemini alloy wheels borrowed from the Octavia RS. It is powered by a 110-horsepower 1.2-liter TSI engine with a 7-speed DSG transmission. The designers wanted to use a 1.8-liter engine like the one found in the Polo GTI, but it was too big for the Fabio. To make sure that there is something to see at Škoda, they additionally took care of it with LED lights and lighting.


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