Sirotkin for the first time in F1 in Sochi

Author of the article: , published on August 21, 2013.

The 17-year-old Russian visited Sauber's factory for the first time these days, where he met the team and, of course, measured the seat. The young racer has yet to obtain a super license, but on September XNUMX, the first taste of a Formula One car awaits him. Orphan namely, it will be in Sočje, where the racetrack is still under construction for some demo rides.

Sauber boss Monisha Kaltenborn said: "We are looking forward to the demo rides next month, as it will be something special when the Russian racer will drive on the Russian track in Sochi for the first time." very tiring, so tiring was the visit to Sauber’s factory: “I work very hard and work hard to make it work. Now I measured the seat, met the team and the engineers who explained to me some details of the racing weekend. I am very excited about everything, because, for example, six months ago I could not have expected this, but now the dream is clearly becoming a reality. "

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