Simulations of the new rules gave alarming signs

Author of the article: , published April 9, 2024

The rules that F1 plans to introduce in 2026 are apparently set to undergo drastic changes after the first car simulations gave alarming signs that cars with active aerodynamics would be so dangerous that they would spin in the middle of the straight without warning.

Active aerodynamics should allow racers to have more negative pressure in corners, and less air resistance on straights. But the teams recently carried out the first simulations, which showed that the racing car was completely undriveable on the straights at full power of the power unit, as the racers spun during acceleration, and the racing car was completely oversteered in the corners.

Initially, it was planned that only the rear wings would be actively moved, but according to the findings in the simulations, the FIA, in cooperation with the teams, also added moving front wings to the plan, as this is the only way the movement of the aerodynamic balance of the racing car will be smaller, but still about three times greater , as currently by activating the DRS system.

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