Silux Cup - A much-needed diversification of races!

Author of the article: , published April 9, 2014

The very successful Slovenian team Lema Racing and the well-known IK Sport together with the company Silux are preparing an interesting cup competition in mountain speed races. The Silux Cup will comprise four races, which will also count as the Slovenian Mountain Speed ​​National Championship, and the racers will compete in them with six Renault Clio Cups of two generations and two Škoda Fabia R2s.

To prove themselves primarily to racers and not race cars, more powerful cars will be weighted down so that the weight-to-power ratio of all race cars will be the same.

The praiseworthy enrichment of the Slovenian racing scene will also enjoy excellent media coverage, as Planet TV will prepare reports with lots of footage from the track and racing cars, numerous conversations with racers and a few other interesting things after each race.

The Silux Cup will take place at GHD Gorjanci, Ilirska Bistrica, Lučine and in Buzet, Croatia. However, some racers are already known. Andrej Makarovič, Leon Vodopivec, Igor Žbogar, Željko Čumurdžič and Rok Vidmar will compete with Renault Clio. One Clio and both Škoda are still waiting for their racer.

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