Marca: Pirelli seduced the team

Author of the article: , published July 1, 2013.

Spain’s Marca has revealed the most likely cause of the tire explosions at yesterday’s Silverstone race. Italian tiremaker Pirelli brought modified tires to the teams for this race, but, according to the Spaniards, he did not inform either the teams or the International Automobile Federation of the FIA, let alone that all teams would agree to their use.

The tires used by the racers in this race were made by Pirelli using a different process. A Kevlar tire was added to the steel tire to which the rubber tread was glued, and friction between the two layers was said to cause the tires to explode. With the new procedure, they achieved that the tires warmed up more slowly to the working temperature, in order to eliminate the overheating problems that appeared in previous races. This also explains the excellent form of the Mercedes team, whose cars were completely equal to Red Bull and the other teams in the race, and at the same time explains the poorer form of the Lotus and Ferrari cars.

The altered tire structure, according to Marca, was discovered by McLarn and Sauber engineers, who went to the track themselves and searched for the remains of the exploded tires. Marca also wrote that Pirelli endangered the safety of the racers with his deception.

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