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Author of the article: , published on December 24, 2014.

A review of the 2014 season, which served with many records and close scores, in numbers.

Number of races: 19 (in 19 different countries on 5 different continents)
Number of all racers who drove: 24 (of which 4 newcomers and 5 world champions)
Average age of racers of the starting line: 27 years 4 months
Longest race: United Kingdom (2 hours 26 minutes 52,094 seconds)
Shortest race: Italy (1 hours 19 minutes 10,236 seconds)
Number of victories from the best starting position: 9 of 19 dirk
Lowest starting position from which the racer won: 6th place (Daniel Ricciardo in Canada and Lewis Hamilton in the UK)
Records - racers:
- It took Lewis Hamilton 6 years from winning the first title to the second title, equaling the second longest gap in Formula One history. The record holder is Nik Lauda, ​​who added the third crown in 1 seven years after the second.
- Hamilton became the first Mercedes F1 winner after Juan Manuel Fangio, who won in 1955, and the first multiple world champion after Jackie Steqart in 1971. With 33 victories, he overtook longtime record holder Nigel Mansell.
- Danil Kvyat became the youngest points winner in the history of Formula 1 when he finished tenth at the Australian Grand Prix at the age of 19 years and 322 days.
Records - teams:
- With 16 wins in a single season, Mercedes broke a record previously held by McLaren in 1988 and Ferrari in 2002 and 2004. In addition, they set a record by winning a double victory 11 times in a single season, and thereby again defeating McLaren (1988).

Most of the best starting positions - racers: 11 - Nico Rosberg; 7 - Lewis Hamilton; 1 - Felipe Massa
Most of the best starting positions - teams: 18 - Mercedes; 1 - Williams
First row starts: 15 - Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton; 3 - Sebastian Vettel; 2 - Daniel Ricciardo, Valtteri Bottas; 1 - Felipe Massa
Rankings in the third part of the qualifications: 19 - Nico Rosberg, Daniel Ricciardo; 18 - Fernando Alonso; 17 - Lewis Hamilton; 16 - Valtteri Bottas; 15 - Kevin Magnussen, Felipe Massa; 14 - Sebastian Vettel; 13 - Jenson Button, Kimi Raikkonen; 8 - Daniil Kvyat, Jean-Eric Vergne; 7 - Nico Hulkenberg; 5 - Sergio Perez; 2 - Romain Grosjean; 1 - Adrian Sutil
Maximum time difference between first and second place: 1,620s (United Kingdom, Nico Rosberg v Sebastian Vettl)
Minimum time difference between first and second place: 0,007s (Singapore, Lewis Hamilton v. Nic Rosberg)
The biggest advantage over a teammate: Fernando Alonso was 16 times faster than Kimi Raikkonen, who was 3 times faster (Ferrari)

Most wins - racers: 11 - Lewis Hamilton; 5 - Nico Rosberg; 3 - Daniel Ricciardo
Most wins - teams: 16 - Mercedes; 3 - Red Bull
Most of the best starting positions - racers: 16 - Lewis Hamilton; 15 - Nico Rosberg; 8 - Daniel Ricciardo; 6 - Valtteri Bottas; 4 - Sebastian Vettel; 3 - Felipe Massa; 2 - Fernando Alonso; 1 - Kevin Magnussen, Jenson Button, Sergio Perez
Most of the best starting positions - teams: 31 - Mercedes; 12 - Red Bull; 9 - Williams; 2 - McLaren, Ferrari; 1 - Force India
Maximum time difference between first and second place: 30,135s (United Kingdom, Lewis Hamilton v. Valtteri Bottas)
Minimum time difference between first and second place: 0,636s (Spain, Lewis Hamilton v. Nic Rosberg)
Most ranking points: 17 - Valtteri Bottas, Fernando Alonso
Most consecutive races between points: 15 - Daniel Ricciardo
Most laps - racers: Jenson Button - 1.120 (98,8% in season)
Most completed rounds - teams: McLaren - 2.231 (98.4% in season)
Minimum laps - racers (only those who took part in all races): Pastor Maldonado - 847 (74.7% in season
Minimum laps completed - teams (only those who took part in all races): Sauber - 1.790 (78,9% in season)
The racer who led the most laps: 495 - Lewis Hamilton; 483 - Nico Rosberg; 72 - Daniel Ricciardo; 32 - Fernando Alonso; 30 - Felipe Massa; 11 - Sergio Perez; 5 - Nico Hulkenberg; 4 - Valtteri Bottas; 1 - Jenson Button, Sebastian Vettel
Number of changes in management: 61 (the number refers to the official representations of the rounds, where the change of leadership is taken into account at the end of each round)
The biggest advantage over a teammate: Fernando Alonso was 16 times faster than Kimi Raikkonen, who was 3 times faster (Ferrari), including races that neither of them finished
Most places gained from Saturday to Sunday: 56 - Pastor Maldonado
Most penalty points: 5 - Pastor Maldonado, Marcus Ericsson
Number of tires used in races: 1.101
The most commonly used version of tires: soft (463 sets)
Maximum kilometers with one set of tires: 304 kilometers (Nico Rosberg with the middle version in Russia)
Average number of stops during the race (only races without rain taken into account): 44 (compared to 51 in 2013)
Race with the most stops: Bahrain - 58
Race with the least stops: Monza - 23

- Daniel Ricciardo won his third victory of the season and career in Belgium, which was also the 50th victory in Formula 1 for Red Bull
- Nico Rosberg became the first German to win the German Grand Prix with a German team and a race car powered by a German engine
- Marussia scored the first points in history when Jules Bianchi finished ninth at the Monaco Grand Prix - Jenson Button reached the milestone of 250 career starts at the Bahrain Grand Prix, moving to third place all the time when by the end of the season came to 266 starts. He is preceded by Rubens Barrichello with 322 starts and Michael Schumacher with 306.
- Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa are in Austria or The UK surpassed 200 appearances. - Kevin Magnussen became the second youngest racer in history to stand on the podium when he was second in the first race of the season in Australia at 21 years and 162 days.
- With 11 wins, Lewis Hamilton equaled the highest number of them in a single season. Only Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel have a better record with 13 wins.
- Susie Wolff became the first female driver to take part in the 1 Formula One Championship after Giovanni Amata.

Did you know…
- It was the first season since 1980 that neither Ferrari nor McLaren won.
- Daniel Ricciard's victory in Canada was the first for Renault's turbo drive unit since the 1986 season, when Ayrton Senna won in Detroit.

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