Even more penalties for fuel flow?

Author of the article: , published March 20, 2014.

After the FIA ​​disqualified Red Bull racer Daniel Ricciard, the team claimed that they relied on their own methods to measure fuel flow because the Gill sensors prescribed to teams by the FIA ​​are not accurate enough.

Ferrari and Mercedes have sided with the FIE, which also trusts the sensor manufacturer, but the McLaren team, which uses Mercedes engines, has admitted that they have already had problems with the sensors. Mika Salo, a former Formula One racer, therefore pointed out that this year's season will most likely be marked by another controversy regarding fuel flow. “I believe we will see quite a few more cases like Ricciard’s in Melbourne. Red Bull will appeal the exclusion, so we’ll see what the FIA ​​does. The fact is, the teams have complained a lot about this sensor. ”

McLarn's Eric Boullier, however, argues that the FIA ​​is quite dictatorial about sensors. “The FIA ​​warned in Bahrain that only its sensors are authoritative for calculating fuel flow. We knew we had to be very careful. It's true that we had problems, but it's also true that in the end it turned out that there were no deviations during the race and, as with most other teams, all weekend. ”

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