Schumi won't grab the microphone

Michael Schumacher
Author of the article: , published March 10, 2013.

Michael Schumacher has ruled out any possibility of a possible return to F1, where it has been speculated that he will become a television expert commentator. There have been quite a few racers in such a role, including former world champion competitors Martin Brundle and Johhny Herbert, as well as Damon Hill.

Anyway, after three years of racing for Mercedes, Michael is returning to racing retirement, and about his return to the microphone, he says, “That wouldn’t be my style. First, I’ve been out of Formula One for too long, which is why I’m not up to date with things. So that wouldn't be right, and secondly, I would be separated from my family again, and I wouldn't be able to enjoy racing. "

So the retired champion says between the lines that he misses racing, but probably mainly due to his age we will probably not see him in Formula One again. In any case, Schumacher will watch the first race: "On the day of the first race of this season in Melbourne, I will be at home watching television."

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