Schumacher soon awakened from a coma?

Author of the article: , published January 3, 2014.

German Bild reports that Michael Schumacher will be sent for a head scan today to see how the recovery is progressing. This means that we will most likely receive a new press release this afternoon, in which doctors will explain the German's condition in more detail.

Today, however, is important for recovery, according to Gary Hartstein, a former Formula One doctor. “A few days after the bleeding, the clot begins to disintegrate. This is perfectly normal, the only problem is that water starts to accumulate in the area of ​​the clot, causing the tissue to swell. Doctors say Michael has more blood clots, so the coming days could be important. The fact that the cut part of the skull was not placed back speaks in his favor. ”

Professor Uwe Kehler, the primary neurosurgeon in Hamburg who is monitoring Schumacher's recovery, explained that Michael could remain in a coma for a few more weeks or months if the condition worsens. “Usually, after such injuries, we wake the patient from coma after two to three weeks. But then it sometimes takes a few days or even weeks for the patient to open his eyes. Unfortunately, it is also possible that he does not wake up as he should, ”explained Kehler, who added that a period of steady state is a good sign. “The first hours and days are crucial for severe head injuries. Due to the increasing pressure in the skull, the first three or four days are critical.

Once the patient has gone through this period, everyone can take a break, although this does not mean that the patient will survive or fully recover. If it remains stable, they can stop taking measures to reduce the pressure in the skull and slowly wake it up from its coma. ”

Parisian neurosurgeon Philippe Decq warned: "After a severe brain injury, the condition is very bad if the patient does not wake up from a coma after three weeks."

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