Schumacher with F1 Nordschleif race car

Author of the article: , published April 25, 2013

Michael Schumacher will prove once again that without formula one simply cannot. Let us recall that the German first retired from Ferrari, then returned to Mercedes, where at the end of last season he once again ended his career as a Formula One racer, and now a return to Mercedes has followed. The German is cooperating with Mercedes on a business level (ambassadorial role), as he is developing the safety and comfort of road cars, and now he will once again be behind the wheel of a Formula One car.

Schumi will make a few laps around the famous Nordschleif as part of the XNUMX-hour Nurburgring race, recalling how fond he has of this racetrack: “I have quite a few fond memories of the Nurburgring, which makes me look forward to this event when I met again with friends and fans from my hometown of Kerpna, which is really close to the racetrack. Of course, this will also be a great racing experience for me when I run on a Nordschleif with a silver Formula One arrow. After all, the legend of the Silver Arrow began right here. "

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Nordschlife hosted Formula One until 1976, and the last time Nick Heidfeld drove a Formula One car was in 2007 with a BMW. Let’s also mention that the event will be scheduled for May XNUMXth.

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