Sainz: Latifi was behind me for a round of lagging victories

Author of the article: , published on May 31, 2022.

Carlos Sainz expressed his anger over Nicolas Latifi after the race. The Canadian allegedly obstructed the Spaniard in the out-lap, thus preventing him from gaining the lead and eventual victory.

When the track in Monaco started to dry after the initial rain, Sainz decided to stay on the tires for a completely wet track until it dried enough and allowed the use of dry track tires. A strategy with which he could come from third place to his first career victory.

But due to the slow first lap after the stop, he was overtaken by Sergio Perez, who later drove the lap to his second stop and took the lead with a two-second lead.

Immediately after the race, Sainz admitted that he lost the chance to win by overtaking the lap of the racers in his "out-lap".
The Spaniard did not understand the move of Nicholas Latifi, who on his way out of the pits drove in front of him even though he was a full lap behind.

“Of course you can understand my anger. I knew that my race depended on out-lap. ”

“As soon as I drove out of the pits, they turned into an empty one at the exit on the wet part of the bike. That's why Latifi managed to break through in front of me. "

"Given that he knew I was the leader at the time, he could have put himself behind me instead of overtaking me, while I had to stay within the yellow line myself, which was a problem for some."

As the Spaniard added, Latifi only observed the blue flags in the tunnel. By then, however, he had already lost all the advantage against Perez, which he had at the lap more on dry track tires.

“I had to drive behind him from the third to the eighth turn. Only then did he withdraw. It was too late. I lost all the advantage I had on dry track tires. At that time, these tires were already faster than those for a partially wet track. ”

“Just because I got stuck behind the slowest race car, I lost the opportunity to stay ahead of Perez. I think you can understand my anger. ”

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