Russell: I don't know what's going on with some of the FIE decisions

Author of the article: , published April 2, 2023

George Russell has questioned the decisions of the race management this season and expressed his displeasure at the unnecessary red flag in the first crash of the Australian Grand Prix.

The race at Albert Park was stopped for the first time on lap nine when Alex Albon crashed into the guard rail. The race management first sent a safety car to the track, but then the race was stopped with a red flag, as according to the FIE there was too much sand and debris on the track.

The race was then stopped twice more, a record as we have never seen three red flags in one race, all of which ended in highly questionable circumstances that led to the Haas team filing a protest against the final results.

The American team hopes that they will be able to change the order that Nico Hulkenberg, who otherwise finished the race in seventh place, would have won the podium with the third place.

The FIA ​​was already criticized at the previous race in Saudi Arabia, where a safety car was sent to the track, even though Lance Stroll parked the damaged car behind the fence, on the secondary road.

In Australia, it was Russell who lost the most, who was leading at the time of the safety car, then went into the pits to change tires and fell to seventh place, and the race was then stopped so that the competitors around him could change tires during the break. "The red flag was completely unnecessary," said the Briton. "It is true that there was a lot of sand on the track, but the ideal line was clean. We have seen much worse conditions in the past. The decision reminds me of the decision in Jeddah when the safety car was sent to the track due to a racing car being pulled off the track.

I don't know what's going on with some of the decisions. We are trying to improve things with the FIA, but it seems to be a big challenge.”

McLaren driver Lando Norris is of the opinion that the red flags were not displayed for safety, but to create a more tense race. "I have the feeling that we saw so many red flags because the race was tense. It would have been easy for me to crash the race as well, as I could have collided with Hulkenberg when the racers were going off track and coming back to the ideal line and meandering back and forth. They tried to put on a show and that way a racer can have bad luck and his work all the race is ruined in an instant."

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