Rossi tested a NASCAR race car

Author of the article: , published April 23, 2013

MotoGP star Valentino Rossi tested Kyla Busch's NASCAR race car. The nine-time world champion tested the 650-horsepower Toyota Camry on the 2.5-mile Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina. After a few laps of Kyla Busch and introductory words, The Doctor sat behind the wheel of a 650-horse beast and set out on the track. The Charlotte Super Speedway is one of the fastest and most respected lanes on the NASCAR race calendar. It has four 24-degree turns on which Rossi also tasted 300km / h as much as NASCAR racers drive. After the race, Valentino Rossi got out of the car, took off his helmet and said with a big smile:

"It was fantastic to finally understand the feeling!" Rossi glowed. “I have many friends in Europe and Italy who follow the NASCAR series. This is something completely different from what we expect from racing in Europe, exciting, high speed and a great feeling in a corner where the car has so much grip that you feel like you are stuck on the track. I really enjoyed it. I always like to drive race cars, it was exciting to try out a NASCAR race car. ” Valentino added, “It was a little weird at first because it’s hard to drive straight. But after a few laps I had more confidence and I was able to go faster and faster and faster. I have to say Kyle and I got along very well. He's a good boy. I liked it, but it also gave me a lot of important advice.

Kyle Busch, the racer with the most wins in the history of the NASCAR series (55 professional wins), was not only very happy to hang out with the nine-time world champion, but was also very impressed with his NASCAR test.
“I think it was a very positive experience. I think Rossi is a very good guy. We had a lot of fun. For me personally, an unforgettable experience and I am very happy that Monster Energy brought us together. We had the opportunity to ask each other about the sport in which we participate. The conversation itself was very good. ”
“As for his car driving, I think he did very well. He started a little slower, which is fine, and then he was faster from lap to lap. He came to this speed by driving fast competitive laps in which he would finish in the top 15 in NASCAR series training. This is very good for someone who has never ridden a NASCAR race car and is used to riding two wheels. ”



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