Rossi for the third time without the announced debut in F1

Author of the article: , published on October 27, 2014.

American Alexander Rossi is expected to compete for the first time at the Formula One racing weekend at Marussi in Austin. Otherwise, Rossi has been knocking on the door of the teams for quite some time to get a chance after three years of the role of reserve racer of the teams Caterham and Marussia, but without success.

Alex left Caterham in July and came to Marussia, where he is expected to get a chance to perform in several trainings at the Belgian Grand Prix. There was also the possibility of appearing at the race in Spa due to the financial problems of Max Chilton and his sponsors. The team has already announced Rossi for the Belgian Grand Prix alongside Jules Bianchi, but Chilton has legally managed to get Rossi to perform only in training.

Rossi got the next opportunity at the Russian Grand Prix, after Bianchi’s accident in Japan. Rossi was on standby for the Sochi, but the team decided to drive with only one race car, which again meant for Bianchi to be left without a chance to debut at the grand prize.

If Marussia drove in Austin with both race cars, Alex would get a chance to debut. Nevertheless, it is known that the team has financial problems, which is why they will not come to the USA at all. All this again means that Alex is left without the possibility of racing. Rossi is negotiating with the Gene Haas team, which will be in Formula One in 2016, but by then he would definitely want to and should make his debut at the Grand Prix.

Photos: Caterham

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