Rossi on Malaysia 2015: I think they will punish Marquez

Author of the article: , published on November 9, 2023.

MotoGP is hustling in Malaysia this weekend. The Sepang circuit hosted one of the most high-profile events in MotoGP, when the relationship between two giants, Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi, exploded on the track. Although eight years have passed since then, the two actors, like the viewers, are still strongly divided about the events.

Rossi recently spoke about the incident in one of the podcasts and said that the feelings are still exactly the same. "When I think about the last three races of 2015 now, I have the same feelings as when I finished the last race back then," said the Italian. "It remains a deep wound, about which I still think too much. Fortunately, later in my career I started doing things that make me happy, but... In Malaysia, Marc was pestering me the whole race. He wanted me to fall, but then we hit the flat. He says I kicked him, but I didn't. Anyway, he crashed and after the race I went to the commissaire, sure that in the next race he was going to be sent to the starting place for them, but instead of him, they sent me there. He ruined a crucial race for me in the world championship, the penultimate race of the championship," Rossi is determined.

Marquez, on the other hand, spoke about the infamous incident in his documentary. “When we got to the press conference before the race in Malaysia, he publicly attacked me and accused me of conspiracy, instead of talking to me alone. It wasn't right, it was intimidation. Some still claim that I then leaned on his motorcycle during the race, but what is clear is that he pushed me to the edge of the track and didn't leave me room. When he looked at me, he shoved his foot at me. At that time, the race management also made a mistake. If it hadn't been Valentino Rossi, he would have been out of the race immediately."

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